I'm TJ.

I have always been a creative person, the outlet sometimes changes but the passion never does. I enjoy doing a lot of different creative activities, I never imagined I would take to photography like I did because I always hated getting pictures taken of me!!!!

Maybe that is part of why I was drawn to this. Maybe I can make the people feel comfortable who are like me, those who shy away from any camera when they see it.

An old photograph that I repaired and colorized in Photoshop.

Black and White Photo that was badly damaged. I was able to colorize it and remove most of the damage.

How I Started With Photography

My love and appreciation for photography started with an addiction to Photoshop. I enjoyed the challenge of making my own bad pictures look halfway decent. I loved the idea of creating an entirely new image by combining elements of many others.

Eventually I figured out that I do not have to correct my pictures as much if I just take the picture correctly in the first place!

I still enjoy random projects on Photoshop, like the picture above. A friend had a badly damaged, black and white photo of her great grandparents. I was able to colorize most of it and remove a large portion of the damage.

I still enjoy these type of challenges, so if you have a similar project, reach out to me! I just might be able to help!

A bride and her flowers.

I did one wedding and I was hooked!

Not only did I never think I would take to photography, I especially never thought I would enjoy shooting weddings like I do!

All it took was one, and I quickly realized that I enjoyed taking pictures and trying my best to capture the moments a couple never wants to forget. I typically like a more candid approach with very little staging or posing. I want to capture the moments as they happen, the way they happen. I will get a little involved if I see a certain setting or certain pose that would make a great picture but my goal is to be quiet, out of the way, yet always around and snapping pictures of whatever happens!

The Process

Blue Devils drum major giving a salute.

01. Special Events

If you have an event and are in need of a photographer, reach out and let us try to set up a plan that works for everyone! The price below is for a full event, if you are asking for only a small portion I can work with your budget.

Price depends on the event
A senior portrait inside Sun Studios in Memphis TN.

02. Portriats

Senior portraits, family pictures, professional headshots, what ever you require! Family portraits and headshots start at $39 and $20 respectively.

Packages start at $199
A prayer before the meal at the reception.

03. Weddings

Your special day can be hectic, let us work together to make sure your photographs are not something you worry about!