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Senior Portrait of a young man.

Senior Pictures

We will spend at least an hour together to make sure we get four to six poses with at least two outfit changes.

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How do I book a shoot?

The first step is simply to reach out and start a discussion.

Do you offer payment plans?

You can pay in any amount, in any increment as you want; however, you will not receive any pictures until full payment has been received.

Are your prices negotiable?

For the packages listed, no. However, I do offer other options not listed on the website that may be more suited to your needs. I always suggest reaching out to me, letting me know what you want. Once we determine your needs, we can work on a price.

What is your typical timeline?

That fully depends on the project. When discussing the price we will set up a timeline for the project. A wedding can take up to two weeks, some other special events can take a week or two while portraits can usually be done much quicker.

What payment methods are available?

Cash, check, PayPal and Cash App are my preferred methods. I can make credit and/or debit cards work if absolutely needed.

Will I need to sign a contract?

I prefer to have a signed contract stating the basic agreement with the price and base expectations. This is for the protection of all parties involved.

When will payment be due?

Payment will typically be due, in full, on the day of the event. No pictures will be delivered until payment is made in full.

Will I need to make a down payment or pay a booking fee?

Typically I will expect a $50 fee, non refundable*, to secure a booking. This payment will count towards the total price of the shoot. For example, if your total price for the event is $500. You will pay $50 at the time you book the event and then the $450 would be due the day of the event.

*In the event that I cancel the job, this would be fully refunded.